Development of a coupling system between a vehicle electric motor and a mechanical transmission

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Camila Achicanoy
Gloria Timarán
Tito Manuel Paimba


This article describes how to pair a mechanical transmission with a vehicle electric motor to convert internal combustion vehicles to electric. The importance of planning and executing a methodology that includes the evaluation of the characteristics of the components, the CAD design, the machining and the assembly of the parts is emphasized. The electric motor used is described in detail, including its specifications and functions. The mechanical transmission obtained from a 1968 model Volkswagen vehicle is also described. The main challenge lies in the transmission of movement between the engine and the transmission shafts, for which a cross-type flexible coupling is selected for its characteristics of avoiding kinematic errors, high torque transmission capacity and misalignment tolerance. In addition, the use of CAD software for the design and subsequent manufacture of parts is highlighted, taking advantage of its three-dimensional modeling and finite element analysis capabilities. Finally, the manufacturing process is mentioned, including precise machining using CAM computer controlled tools and machines.


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Achicanoy, C. ., Timarán , G. ., & Paimba, T. M. (2023). Development of a coupling system between a vehicle electric motor and a mechanical transmission. I+ T+ C- Research, Technology and Science, 1(17). Retrieved from
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Camila Achicanoy, Universidad Mariana

Ingeniería Mecatrónica. Pasto, Colombia.


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