Desarrollo de un brazo robótico de 2 DOF impreso en 3D, a través de un PIC 18f46k22 y MATLAB para el trazo de contornos de imágenes

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Angie Paola Mancipe García
Nicolás David Barrera Fonseca
Diego Alfonso Rojas Sarmiento
Fabián Barrera Prieto


This paper describes the development of a prototype of a 2R robotic arm, used for character writing by servo motors, programmed to design the contours of different images through a low-cost microcontroller (PIC 18F46K22) and MATLAB. These elements were communicated through UART. Likewise, the communication between the PIC and the servomotors was performed by I2C, taking into account the servomotor driver (PCA9685). In addition, the respective simulations of operation were carried out using Peter Corke's robotics toolbox in MATLAB. The results obtained are presented in both physical and simulation, which are satisfactory, however these results have a margin of error in the traces. Finally for implementation, the parts were designed in SolidWorks to be subsequently 3D printed using PLA, a material chosen for its versatility and durability, ensuring the precision and strength required for the 2R robotic arm.


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Mancipe García , A. P. ., Barrera Fonseca, N. D. ., Rojas Sarmiento , D. A. ., & Barrera Prieto , F. (2023). Desarrollo de un brazo robótico de 2 DOF impreso en 3D, a través de un PIC 18f46k22 y MATLAB para el trazo de contornos de imágenes. I+ T+ C- Research, Technology and Science, 1(17). Retrieved from
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