Controlling a processing machine inductive reactance

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Iván Iglesias Navarro
Diego Francisco Terán
Naún Alejandro Mejía
Naún Alejandro Mejía


This paper describes a methodology for designing and implementing an PI speed control of a three phase induction motor, applied to a frequency of a winding machine. The procedure considers the analysis of the plant and its modeling, using an experimental procedure to obtain the system response curve. The set of data are stored and processed using a pattern recognition tool. The flat model obtained will serve as a basis for finding constants PI controller. Integrated in the inverter and feedback input for the return signal PI controller is used. The design and implementation of an electronic circuit frequency, to voltage converter, which serve as transducer to collect and convert the speed of the plant equivalent voltage is described. The control system by analyzing the parameters required by the machine is deployed.


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Iglesias Navarro, I. ., Terán, D. F., Mejía, N. A. ., & Mejía, N. A. . (2015). Controlling a processing machine inductive reactance. I+ T+ C- Research, Technology and Science, 1(9), 17–27. Retrieved from
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