SME business analytics retail sales requirements for data warehouse solutions

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Martha Eliana Mendoza Becerra
Ingrid Paola Solano Benítez


Business processes in companies are distinctive and identifiable sections that can generate profits, profitability or define a sector activities, in the literature there is a study of the analytical needs for each of the relevant business processes of Miymes retail sales, This article discusses the methodology used to achieve the identification of the analytical needs of these business processes in Sales, Sales Orders, Purchasing, Inventory, Payroll and Accounting presents, through the definition of an instrument, a survey, applied to a representative sample of Miymes retail sales in the city of Popayan. The analysis of these surveys can identify business processes and needs analysis required by these companies, allowing enrich the knowledge of these businesses and serving as a basis for projects data warehousing, business intelligence or research for these companies.


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Mendoza Becerra, M. E. ., & Solano Benítez, I. P. . (2015). SME business analytics retail sales requirements for data warehouse solutions. I+ T+ C- Research, Technology and Science, 1(9), 57–66. Retrieved from
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