Implementation of ultrasonic characterization system parametric soft biological tissue

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Luis Fernando Londoño
Julián Antonio Villamarín
Nylho Antonio Dorado
Daniela Andrea Montilla


The ultrasonic characterization methods are often used in different research fields (Biomedical and Industrial Applications) due to its significant  low cost - high performance ratio, besides its advantages in the  non-invasive and  non-destructive acoustic assessment of fluids, materials and biological tissues. The ultrasonic characterization is based on the estimation of acoustic parameters from ultrasound backscattering signals procesing techniques, which allow  conventional ultrasonic index measurements (as speed of sound (SoS) and  the frequency dependent acoustic attenuation (?)) aiming to the construction of parametric images as a potential tools in the analysis of the microstructure of biological tissues in biomedical applications.  This study evidence the advantages of the implementation of an ultrasonic system for the quantitative characterization as a method to support  processing techniques of biological tissues.


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Londoño, L. F. ., Villamarín, J. A. ., Dorado, N. A., & Montilla, D. A. . (2015). Implementation of ultrasonic characterization system parametric soft biological tissue. I+ T+ C- Research, Technology and Science, 1(9), 43–50. Retrieved from
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